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Thank Offering Update

Updated: May 4, 2020

Hi Ladies! Here is some valuable information about our Thank Offering!

In light of the disruption caused by Covid -19, we are extending the deadlines for Thank Offering. Congregations should send their Thank Offerings as one check to their State/Regional CGWM treasurer by August 31st. State/Regional CGWM treasurers should send one check for 60% of the total Thank Offering donations to the General Conference CGWM Treasurer by September 30th. Individuals not belonging to a CGWM group may send their offerings to either their regional CGWM treasurer or directly to Nancy Scott. All checks sent to Nancy should be made out to CGGC with Thank Offering in the memo.

Please see the website for more details: or contact Nancy Scott at

What are Thank Offering Barrels and what role do they play in the CGGC?

In 1952, The Thank Offering Barrels were instituted by Grace Pierson of the Women’s Christian Service Council (WCSC) (now known as Churches of God Women’s Ministries (CGWM)). Women across the Churches of God were encouraged to drop a coin in a container as an act of gratitude and worship. It is a tangible way to acknowledge the many blessings that God provides every day. As a result of this ministry, the women have collected over $2,130,000 since the inception of Thank Offering barrels. If, on average, we dropped a quarter in our barrels each time we acknowledged our gratitude, that means 8,520,000 prayers of thankfulness have been offered. The blessings don’t stop there. These collected funds are used to support CGGC missions and ministries both locally and around the world

In 2020, our Thank Offerings will support the following ministries:

School for Girls in India (15%)

Physical Therapy School in Haiti (20%),

Winebrenner Female Students (25%),

Venezuela Bible School (15%)

Women’s Leadership Development (25%).

National Treasurer:

Make Checks to: CGGC

Send to: Nancy Scott

1114 Circle Drive

Latrobe, PA 15650

Regional Treasurers:

Allegheny Region

Make Checks to: Women’s Ministry

Send to: Annette Weiland

425 Trout Road

Northern Cambria, PA 15714


California Eldership

Send to: Anita Burns

P.O. Box 497

Wheatland CA 95692

Eastern Region

Make Checks to: Eastern Regional Conference Women’s Ministries

Send to: Norma Klock

199 Anton Street

Bressler, PA 17113


Great Lakes Region (Northern District)

Send to: Alice Showers

5489 Blue Heron Drive

Alma, MI 48801


Great Lakes Region (Southern District)

Make Checks to: Great Lakes CGWM Sothern District

Send to: Susan Fennig

617 N. Ash Street

Celina, OH 45822


Midwestern Region

Make Checks to: IL State WCSC/CGWM

Send to: Elizabeth Hartman

309 Sunny St.

Mt. Carroll, IL 61053

Western Region

Make Checks to: Western Region Conference with Women's Ministry thank offering in the memo

Send to: David George

757 Maple Rd

Uniontown, KS 66779

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