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The Heart of the Matter

For those who attended Flourish 2024, you know what this heart represents already. For those who didn't, we missed you!

We cannot begin to advance the Kingdom of God until we know and understand with our hearts that the God who created everything loves us. For too many years I believed this with my head because it was in the Word of God, but receiving it in my heart was another matter.

Because I felt unlovable, I believed that God could never love me. How grateful I am that God came alongside me and demonstrated His love for me in very tangible ways that I could receive. John tells us that we love because He first loved us (1 John 4:19). Praise God! When I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God loves me, then I can begin to love others--and even myself.

When we know we are loved, we can begin to walk in the reality of the women we were created to be. Understanding our identity in Christ is so vital to walking out the reality and blessings of being a child of the King of kings. It is not possible to carry out the two most important commandments unless we have internalized the truth that God loves us.

And so, we brought home a heart magnet to put on our fridge or file cabinet where we would see it often and be reminded that God loves us completely. That is His heart for us. Likewise, His heart for the world is that they would know Him and receive this unfailing love.

We are called to love others as Christ loves them. Because He loves us, we can love Him and we can love others. Advancing the Kingdom of God happens as we believe and receive God's love for us and then we, with the heart of Christ, take His love to our families, our neighbors, our communities, and the world.

If you would like a heart magnet of your own, email me at

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