Opportunities for training and equipping throughout the denomination. 


Winebrenner Seminary launched the Institute for Christian Studies (ICS) in fall 2019. With many of the same components as the former Pastoral Training Institute, the ICS is designed to provide pastors, para-church leaders and lay-leaders a foundation in Christian studies. Students can engage with Winebrenner Seminary as individuals or under the umbrella of a partnering organization* to pursue an ICS educational path. The program is designed to spur and exponentially increase students’ understanding and application of leadership and key ministerial practices.

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Young, emerging leaders are eager for investment now to help them realize their potential for the future. Whether men or women, paid or unpaid, all leaders need help discovering who God has called them to be and becoming that person. All leaders need a mentor to walk with them on the journey God is calling them to and support them along the way. The Uptick experience makes meaningful, spiritual investment into high-potential leaders who will generate significant returns for the Kingdom of God.

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