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Sewing Bold Thread

by Joyce Hornbaker

In the last couple of weeks, I have been able to attend three quite different events.  Through these events, I have taken pause and am continuing to process the depth of each experience.

The first event was at a camp where I had grown up.  It was where I was encouraged to memorize God’s Word, to pour into others, and others had poured into me.  It was where I was a counselor and had the opportunity to pray with girls who wanted to receive Christ as their personal Savior.  It was where my relationship with the Lord became the main thing to me. As I was sitting there, the faces of faithful leaders went through my mind.  Those who served as cooks, as speakers, as counselors, and everyone else who poured into me.  The ones that sewed bold threads into my life.

The second event was a reunion of my high school Glee Club. The man that had been my director returned for this special occasion.  As soon as he took the stand to lead us in a song, I went back in my mind to when I was 18. I was remembering the songs we practiced and learned. I was remembering how our director had a way that made all of us want to do our best.  The manner that we warmed up each day, the way we sang notes higher and lower than we ever thought we could, and the way by concert time we had memorized all our music.  

Within the Glee Club there was a smaller group of students that sang at many functions. I remember the day my name was called that I was amember of this hand selected group.  His belief in me impactedme far more than the music that I sang.  He sewed bold threads into my life that still impact me to this day.

The last event was at the funeral of a dear friend of our family.  It was at the church I attended before being married.  As I talked to the family and many others I had not seen for years, memories started rolling into my mind.  I remembered the many Sunday School teachers, youth group leaders, pastors, friends of different ages, and the family friends who saw some things in me that I did not see for myself.  They sewed bold threads into my life.

As I processed these three meaningful events, it has caused me to take stock.  Am I being faithful in sewing bold threads into others?  Have I been watching others and seeing what they may have not seen yet?  Have I been intentional in encouraging others and empowering them for Jesus? Sewing bold threads into others is what we are to be doing.  We may be called to sew multiple threads into someone.  Some of us need a bit more bold.  Take time to thread your needle with a thread of bold and start sewing.

Joyce Hornbaker loves Jesus and His Word. She has not been married to her beloved husband long enough. She is Momma to four and Gramma to thirteen. She attends Shippensburg First Church of God where her husband is the pastor of visitation and discipleship.

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