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It’s Not Too Late to Plant Your Seeds

What happens to the seeds we never plant? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. We only reap a harvest from the seeds we choose to plant, water and nourish.

Each woman who attended this year’s Flourish Conference received a small packet of seeds like this one to remind them to take home what they heard God saying to them throughout the weekend and to plant it—share it, put it into practice, act on it.

Like a seed we never plant, when God speaks to us at an event like Flourish, or a Sunday sermon, or even in our time alone with Him each day and we do nothing with it, there is no harvest. You cannot reap what you do not sow, precious women of God.

It is so easy to hear a great word of encouragement or challenge and then just go on to the next thing and forget what we heard. We’ve all done it. Don’t let the enemy beat you up about it. He doesn’t want you to plant the seeds God has given you to plant. He only wants you to feel bad that you haven’t done it.

I’ll have to admit that my seed packet is still on the window ledge too, ladies! I do hope some of you planted your seeds and are seeing them begin to grow by now. I’m talking about physical seeds now, but what about those other seeds that God has given you plant? Has there been something God has been speaking to you about that you still need to act on or share with someone?

This year as we explore what it means to Adavance the Kingdom of God together, this idea of planting our seeds is critical. Why? Because we cannot reap if we do not sow. You cannot bear fruit if you do not plant the seeds.

This is such a powerful picture of discipleship. As we share the seeds of Truth God has given us with others, not only will those in whom we invest grow, but we will grow as well. Just like you plant a seed, water it, put it in a sunny place and it will grow, as you invest in the lives of others by sharing what God is teaching you they can be encouraged to grow as well.

It takes willingness. It takes intentionality. It takes courage, and it takes boldness as well as a reliance on the Holy Spirit. You cannot do it alone. Well, you can, but that won’t produce fruit either.

I had the opportunity to share my "Flourish seeds" with a friend who shared a ride with me to Findlay the following week. She had not been able to attend this year, but listened eagerly as I shared what I saw God doing and heard Him saying to me. The conversation resulted in my having the opportunity to share with the women of her church at a women’s banquet earlier this month.

I was so blessed to share my testimony of how God has transformed my life and how I have been set free from depression and fear! I knew that God had prepared the soil of their hearts and many, if not all, went home strengthened and encouraged in their faith. There is no greater joy than to see the fruit of your labor!

Lord, we confess that we too often do not plant the seeds of faith you have given us. Forgive us and help us to be faithful to look for opportunities to share with those whose hearts are ready to hear Your Good News. Grant us boldness and willingness to reach out. May You be glorified in all we say and do, Lord.

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