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It Is Good to Give Thanks

Why are we talking about giving thanks in April? It is the time of year that CGWM typically collects our annual Thank Offering. So, I would like to provide some updates and resources for you to use with your church and/or women's group in the next several weeks.

Each local women's ministry is welcome to use these resources in the way that best suits them. Whether your church has a Women's Ministry Sunday when women lead the service or your women's ministry group has a Thank Offering Service at their regular meeting, there is a variety of options for you to use or you can even create your own plan.

You will find the following resources and links available for your use on our website at Under the tab THANK OFFERING you can find

  • a description of the history of Thank Offering

  • instructions for Thank Offering

  • Template for a Women's Ministry Sunday (or Women's Group Service)

  • Links to:

    • Thank Offering Updates in PDF, PowerPoint slides, and MP4

    • Printable Thank Offering Barrel Label

  • Deadlines and updated list of addresses of Treasurers

It is exciting to report that our 2022 Thank Offering totaled $23,393.43. Of that, $14,036.06 was disbursed to the following ministries supported by CGMW:

Leadership Training 25% 3,509.00

Winebrenner Seminary 25% 3,509.00

Haiti Physical Therapy School 20% 2,807.00

Venezuela Bible School 15% 2,105.00

School for Girls in India** 15% 2,106.06

Total 100% 14,036.06

**Because the India School for Girls is currently not enrolling students these funds are being used as a scholarship for Madhumita Singha to help pay fees for her final stage of nursing school. She completed her diploma in nursing in December of 2022 and is now enrolled at a medical facility for her practical experience.

I wrote an article for the April/May issue of the Global Advocate which also contains Thank Offering updates that could be used to share with the women in your group.

However you collect your Thank Offering, please send your offering to the your CGWM Regional Treasurer (addresses are updated on our website) by June 30. Regional Treasurers, please send your Thank Offering to Nancy Scott, our national CGWM Treasurer by July 31. Once these funds are received, they will be disbursed to the ministries listed above.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to anyone on our leadership team or email me at

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