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From the Director's Desk

Dear Sisters in Christ,

Happy New Year to all of you! I love new beginnings, don't you? I think the world heaved a sigh of relief when the clock struck midnight on January 1st!

I hope COVID-19 hasn't robbed you of your hope and expectations for a bright future. To be sure, many of us have lost loved ones, and life has certainly been challenging all around. Even so, we have so much to be grateful for. I hope you're remembering to give thanks as you drop your coins in your Thank Offering barrel!

As we begin a new year, the National Leadership team of CGWM is working hard to provide resources and opportunities for you and the ladies in your circle to grow as disciples of Christ and to help and encourage you to disciple those whom God has placed in your life. It's not always easy to know how to do this on a national level, and I'll admit I've struggled as the Director of CGWM to know just what steps to take in this regard. The leadership team has been seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit both privately and when we gather to meet as we consider how to reimagine Women's Ministry in this coming season.

CGWM Triennial Meeting

This will be the first time that CGWM will hold our Triennial meeting at the Flourish Conference in March. This decision was made at the last Triennial in 2019 so that we could involve more women in our Triennial meeting. Our election/presentation of officers is a part of this meeting. Each of our current officers has agreed to serve another term of three years, and there are no other nominations at this time. If you would like to nominate someone for one of these positions, please submit their name, region, church, and contact information (with their permission only, please!) to by February 1. No nominations will be made from the floor during the meeting.

Current Officers:

Director: Kathy Foor

Assistant Director: Heather Boss

Treasurer: Nancy Scott

Secretary: Kimberly Daly

This meeting will also include updates about CGWM as well as some new opportunities that we hope to be offering in the near future to assist you and the women of your church/region in discipleship and leadership training as we seek together to live boldly for God and to advance His Kingdom.

In a world where everything is changing, even the Church must adapt and change, but our God and His message never change. That we are all called to share His message does not change. However, how we meet, how we share, how we reach out, and how we move on from where we are right now will likely mean many changes if we want to continue to thrive and grow the Kingdom.

CGWM Blog Update

This year, we will be initiating a series of Blogs entitled 2022 Discipleship Series, with each month focussing on an important aspect of discipleship. We are still looking for one or two gifted, passionate writers to join us on this journey. If you or someone you know is interested in this opportunity, please send contact information to me at

New Beginnings

That brings us back to new beginnings. Not everyone loves them. For many, it is very difficult to let go of the old. We often want to do things the way we've always done them because it is familiar, even if it is no longer producing fruit. Sometimes, though, we must let go of the old, stop dwelling on the past, and let the Lord lead us into the new thing that He is doing. To resist or refuse is to miss the joy of seeing God do something new. I believe the way forward is to understand that God alone knows what is coming in the days ahead. He alone knows how to reach this generation with the Gospel. He alone knows each step we need to take as we move from here. While we're waiting on direction, let us not lose hope. Let us not give way to discouragement. Let us rejoice and be thankful because God knows the way! He promises to lead and empower us.

Let's seek His face together. Let's get in the Word together. Let's pray together, and let's do everything He says to do─ together!

All for the Kingdom, Kathy Foor CGWM Director

PS: Registration for The Flourish Conference is now open. Brochures should be arriving in your mailbox soon, and will also be available on the website to download soon. There is also a registration form available to download and print at We can't wait to see you!!!! Be sure to invite some friends because it is going to be amazing! You don't want to miss it.

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