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Flourish Encore!

Flourish 2023 was a memorable weekend for those who attended, but even if you were not able to join us, you can still take advantage of the great teaching that we received. I'd like to take a few moments to share with you how the three ladies who attended Flourish 2023 from the Indian Head Church of God brought the best of the weekend home with them and shared it with the women of their community.

Judy Nolt, Denise Pritts, and Carrie Dix were so blessed by the speakers at The Flourish Conference that they decided to share it with the women of their church who could not attend this year. They used the videos which have been uploaded to the CGWM YouTube channel, a new feature of Flourish this year.

They invited the ladies of Indian Head to join them one evening a week for four weeks, and they called it Flourish Encore! Each week, they shared a simple meal together, a time of worship, a main session with Linda and Dave Draper, and then one of the four breakout sessions presented by Jamie Welsh, Kathy Foor, Kimberly Reese, and Julie Dibble. Julie and Kathy, who live in their vicinity, were invited to come and do their breakout sessions live when it was their week.

It was wonderful to see how God used this opportunity to gather and encourage the ladies of the Indian Head Church of God! It is exciting to see women using the content provided as a way to connect and equip the women in their community, and we are hopeful that other groups will follow their example. We'd love to hear your story and see pictures of your group in action!

Link to YouTube Channel Flourish Playlist.

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