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A Letter of Thanks from The Wild Branch to The Root

Dear Root,

In my darkest days, I never dreamed I would find you. Throughout my life when storms came, I either marched around in pride or hid like a seedling beneath the biggest tree I could find. When the wind stilled and the torrents of rain subsided, I was still wild at heart with no home.

Following my own way led me nowhere.

Dancing in the rain only got me wet.

It was sure that no human sought me, for my fruit, they said, was bitter.

If I am honest, I was jealous of the natural olive branches firmly attached to you. People seemed to travel far and wide, by way of their dusty feet, to receive the oil of anointing. Not that I understood what that was, I just knew I was excluded.

The promise you have made, Oh Holy Root, to seek and save the wild branches. It is our rescue, our saving grace! No matter how hard we tried, we could not graft ourselves. That whole grafting process is very specific, down to the smallest of details. In surrender, in full belief You could do what we could not, I and some others are with You.

Will You not save more, more of the wild and more of the natural who turned away?

Will not someday we be the grandest olive tree where all can come for refreshing and fellowship, for Your glory alone?

Yes, I can now say ‘we’.

We mean You, Root, and me … but lest I not get so zealous about this new life that I boast, as if I earned it.

Thank You, dear King of the Branches, that You welcomed me in my self-sufficiency, loneliness, and waves of unbelief that I belonged.

Your careful hands orchestrated the grafting, which has become my transformation into a family. I am now a daughter, where before I was an orphan.

Julie Dibble is a servant of her Lord Jesus Christ. Together with her husband Jason, they have two sons, Braedon 17 and Jackson 15, and one rescued pup named Rocko. Julie preaches, writes, hikes, and prays for God to use her daily in this broken world. Currently, she is on staff at Newberrytown Church of God as Director of Outreach and Evangelism.

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