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2022 Discipleship Series: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

As we approach Thanksgiving, I think it is fitting that I share with you some thoughts about Thank Offering and the transforming power of gratitude in the life of a disciple.

First, it is exciting to report that our 2022 Thank Offering totaled $23,393.43. Of that, $14,036.06 was disbursed to the following ministries supported by CGMW:

Leadership Training 25% 3,509.00

Winebrenner Seminary 25% 3,509.00

Haiti Physical Therapy School 20% 2,807.00

Venezuela Bible School 15% 2,105.00

School for Girls in India** 15% 2,106.06

Total 100% 14,036.06

**Please note that the amount designated to the India School for Girls will be used as a scholarship for Madumita Susanna Singha this year to help pay fees for her final stage of nursing school. She recently (Oct 26) finished her final exams at the University and now must enroll at a medical facility for her practical experience. The reason for this change at this time is that the India School for Girls has been greatly affected by both the pandemic and the passing of Charusheela Singha and they are currently not enrolling students. We appreciate your prayers for them and will update you as we are able. The remaining 40% of Thank Offering is dispersed by Regional CGWMs.

We cannot overestimate how our Thank Offering is being used to advance the Kingdom of God around the globe! For updates on each of these ministries, please visit our website ( There is a pdf file and PowerPoint slides on that page which we hope you will use to share this information with your ladies and/or church.

I am reminded of the other purpose of this offering. With each coin we drop in our barrels, we are also developing an attitude of gratitude. It is hard to grumble and be grateful at the same time! I know how easy it is to grumble and complain in a culture where that is the norm, but I wonder if you have experienced the joy of being thankful instead.

When we choose to give thanks instead of grumbling or complaining, we acknowledge that

  • God is good

  • We appreciate His many blessings

  • We trust Him no matter the circumstances

  • We believe He will keep His promises

Grumbling and complaining cost the Israelites 40 extra years in the wilderness that God had not desired for them. Their lack of faith and trust in the Lord caused them to miss out on His blessing.

Dr. Caroline Leaf, a Christian neuroscientist, explains how toxic thinking is actually damaging to our minds and bodies. On the contrary, God designed us for praise, so when we worship the Lord and give Him thanks, our brain functions at its very best!

So, when God tells us in his Word to give thanks in all circumstances, it is because He designed us to function best when we do. No matter how difficult life can be, there is always something to give thanks for. We may need Holy Spirit’s help, but He is eager to guide us into right thinking. (Worship and the Brain with Dr. Caroline Leaf

In case you think this comes naturally to me, it doesn’t. Well, it didn’t use to, but more and more as I learn to give thanks in every situation and experience abundant joy and peace, I find it easier every day! Practicing a daily habit with my Thank Offering really has transformed my life! May I encourage you to keep your Thank Offering barrel handy and fill it freely with thankfulness as you drop in your coins? If you don’t do coins, take a moment each day to drop in a small square of paper with whatever you are thankful for, and at the end of the year, total those up before your make your offering.

I give thanks to the Lord for you, dear sisters. You are a treasure in the Father’s hand. You are deeply loved. You are wanted and cherished more than you can imagine. You are a masterpiece and a reflection of His glory.

Please note: We have had some changes in our Regional leadership, so please be sure to check our website for the most current contact information before you send your Thank Offering in 2023.

Living Boldly for God,

Kathy Foor

CGWM Director

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