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Jamie Welsh, Assistant Director

Growing up no one in my family really went to church, we were Catholic and saying that you were affiliated with a religion was good enough. At a young age God came to me and called me. Since then I have been in pursuit of Him. I found some friends that attended a church in Stockton CA, and I was there every time the church doors were open. I was involved in youth group, AWANAS, VBS, church camp and everything else through my junior year of high school. 

The summer of my senior year I decided I wanted to do my own thing and left the church. I began partying, drinking, and doing whatever I wanted. When I was 21 the Lord came to me as clearly as he did when I was younger. He told me to stop living the life I was leading and follow him. After a few months I had given up everything in that old life and made my way back to the Lord. God led me to the Manteca Church of God and I have been there ever since. Pastor Tim Welsh and I were married October 7, 2003 and we live our life out in a hectic fashion of ministry, secular work, and whatever side project comes our way. We love to serve the Lord together, which is the glue and the strength of our marriage.

We are blessed with two sons, Nathaniel and Caleb.